Cranial Treatments
If massage and joint mobilisation were woodwork, then cranial treatments would equate to French Polishing.
This type of treatment is very gentle and is used to ‘unwind’ restrictions in the body, using various hand or finger holds on the skull, spine and other joints. Cranial treatment can be used in conjunction with deep tissue massage, which helps the area being treated respond more readily, by easing muscle tension.
On babies and children under 5 years old, the use of cranial treatments is preferred, because any problems that this age group presents with are usually not as ‘ingrained’ in the musculo-skeletal system as in older people and therefore less should be needed to correct them. As there is no discomfort when receiving a cranial treatment, it is also much easier to get younger children to accept it and they respond very well to it.
Cranial treatment can help alleviate problems in adults and children, including the following:
·Headaches/migraines, earache
·Stress related symptoms/panic attacks/insomnia
·Some urinary disorders (particularly bed-wetting in young children)
·Digestive disorders (Colic in babies)
·Back, jaw and other joint pain

All Cranial Treatments are carried out by Brian.