Deep Tissue Massage
As the name suggests, this is generally a deeper form of the more traditional Swedish massage.The depth of the massage is governed by the client, depending on how much pressure he/she wants or needs.The mediums used to aid massage are either Sweet Almond oil or a non-allergenic massage cream which is always used where there may be a nut allergy risk.
Deep tissue massage can be used in conjunction with other treatment types (prior to joint mobilisation for example) or as a separate treatment for:
·Sports people, to improve muscle condition, flexibility and to aid recovery after exercise. This helps with removing natural waste products from the muscles more rapidly, particularly in the legs where gravity is against good venous return.
·General relaxation, stress relief and body detoxification.
·Aiding recovery following an injury, as it can help reduce inflammation in the early stages (when used away from the injury site as lymphatic drainage). It promotes blood flow to the injury site to speed up tissue repair in the interim stage and in the latter stages it helps keep the muscles from becoming too short.
Deep tissue massage also helps offset some of the fitness lost in injured athletes, by maintaining muscle function without undue loading, especially where there is a recently broken bone or joint and 'active rest' is needed.

All Deep Tissue Massage is carried out by Brian.