Post Treatment Advice
The lack of post treatment advice is very often a major factor when people don’t get better. For any treatment to be successful, people need to know: What caused the problem in the first place? Why is it not getting better? Can anything be done to help the healing process?
The taking of a client's history can identify when and how a problem began. Very often the cause is much older than the ensuing symptoms and discovering that in itself helps the healing process.
People usually get better slowly, or not at all, when there are maintaining factors.These factors are the things which people do to themselves (such as sitting incorrectly), often without realising that it is affecting their recovery, or even causing their problem. One of the aims of the post treatment advice is to identify and stop (or at least reduce) the damaging habits which we all develop.
The number of treatments a person needs will depend, among other factors, upon how much that person is willing to help themselves between treatments. Other things which can help with healing will vary from one person to another, but might include one or more of the following:
· Gentle self mobilising exercises
· Stretching exercises to maintain and/or improve muscle length and joint mobility
· Self/partner massage, to relieve stress, muscle tension and aid mobility
If it is mutually decided, referral to other professionals could also be considered.
These might include: Alexander Technique teacher, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Doctor, Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Osteopath or Podiatrist.